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It happens all the time! Computers fall prey to breakdowns or virus due to various reasons. This could be before or after the warranty period. In case there is warranty for the repair issue you are facing, just call the dealer. If it isn’t, then you have a serious issue at hand.

Do this when your computer has a breakdown

Breakdowns cause heartbreaks as your work comes to a standstill. Get immediate attention and positive results at Londonitech. Ours is the top IT service and products provider since 2016. We have been addressing to the pressing needs of customers for quality and swift Computer repairs at our on-site
repair centre here in Winnipeg.

We have also partnered with a top level supplier for offering 32000 products of their
products on our website.

What do we do?

Our certified technicians can repair all models of computers existing today. They diagnose problems quickly and give you a free estimate. You will find our estimate the most cost-effective one all over Winnipeg.

They are specialists in Mac Repair, repair of other laptop and PCs that challenge the best technicians like Compaq, Toshiba, IBM etc.

Type of Computer repair services availed at Londonitech

If you face any of the issues mentioned below, come to us with the defective computer at the earliest. Common computer repairs Cracked LCD screen repair or replacements Laptop or PC repairs, overhaul Virus, spyware check and removal Data retrieval Hardware such as Hard drive, Mother board, Power supplies, RAM– repair and replacement Keyboard repair Peripheral repair Re installation of operating systems – Windows, Android, Linux etc Repair of any brands such IBM, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Mac series Backup services Software installation Firewall setup Troubleshoot of slow computers Full computer checkup and cleaning Repair of data storage devices and disk arrays Repair of networking hardware – routers, fiber optics, switches wireless networks Printer repair system – printer server and drives There are many tutorials online to address computer troubleshoots. Techs or experts may use them and get good results. But repairing these expensive systems on your own is not advisable. We tell you why…. Computer repair procedures are cumbersome and one small mistake here and there could cause severe damage. Getting the job to us will save you a lot of money; we can assure you of that for sure. We also repair them fast and return the refurbished systems before you even feel their absence from your work table. Then there is the free advice on future maintenance and Internet safety tips that you can take advantage of.

Why choose us

  • Free estimate
  • Fastest service in Winnipeg
  • Quality of service ratified by our previous customers
  • Competitive prices
  • Value for money
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Random growth in two years attributed to big and loyal customer base
  • Repair of PCs, MAC Repair, Windows Repair, Laptop and Apple systems Repair
  • Free advice on Maintenance and Internet safety
  • Repair services available for customers in and around Winnipeg

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