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Scosche FM Transmitter with Music Controls Smart Aux & USB Connection MFI – Black

The Scosche FM Transmitter is a convenient and user-friendly device that enables you to enjoy your favorite music and audio content while driving. It is designed to work with most smartphones and other portable devices, and it allows you to transmit audio signals from your device to your car’s stereo system using FM radio frequencies.

The transmitter comes in a stylish black color and features easy-to-use music controls that allow you to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and pause/play your music with ease. Additionally, it features a smart aux connection that automatically detects when your device is connected, and a USB connection that is compatible with MFI devices.

The Scosche FM Transmitter is a great solution for people who want to upgrade their car’s audio system without having to install expensive aftermarket components. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making it an ideal accessory for any road trip or daily commute.


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