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Gaming accessories IN WINNIPEG

Gaming is a hobby for some and passion for many. Gaming accessories are hardware pieces in addition to Video game console, PC, or Laptop that enhance Gaming experience.

Where to find them in Winnipeg

At the onset PC Keyboard, Joystick and mouse were the only accessories available for gaming. Now we have a wide range of products that can help you play faster and better, making you more competitive than your opponents.  Get these and more futuristic gaming accessories, the best in Winnipeg at our store, Londonitech.

We are a one-stop shop for all other gaming accessories, located right in the heart of Winnipeg since 2016.

You can find all the below mentioned varieties with us:

  • Flight stimulator accessories
  • Racing wheel accessories that provide weight shift, throttle, brakes, gear shifting and other options
  • 8 directional gamepads
  • Gaming mouse with various buttons for programming and advanced gaming
  • Flight sticks with buttons and axels moving from one function to another smoothly
  • Latest headphones
  • Gaming headsets with surround sound, wireless connectivity
  • Gaming speakers
  • Gaming lights
  • Driving stimulators with precision steering and high speed gaming feature
  • Game boards that programmable
  • Projectors for gaming
  • Mouse Pads
  • Gloves for gaming with touch points and activator pads
  • Other Game controllers
  • Memory Units – Memory card storing information about game scores, stats etc
  • Audio Visual Cables –
  1. RGB (Red Green Blue) format
  2. HDMI cables
  • Protection cases with padding
  • Gaming Desktops

Why choose us

  • Free Estimate
  • Widest range
  • Competitive prices
  • Best gaming brands such as Logitech and Thrustmaster
  • One stop shop for other IT products
  • Service centre onsite for any repairs
  • Fastest service – the best in Winnipeg
  • Free maintenance advice for Gaming accessories
  • Strong customer base
  • User friendly Online website
  • Service available for nearby cities/towns in Manitoba

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