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Data Recovery in Winnipeg

Data Recovery at LondonitechData per se is very important. Sometimes it is lost due to various problems. Lost data could be important files, presentations, beautiful memories in form of photos, curriculum or for that matter anything.

This lost data may also be required to take an important decision. Operating system failure could even get your business to a standstill! Is there a solution to this? Yes, Londonitech has the answers! But lets us see how data is lost first.

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How is data lost?

winnipeg data recoveryThere are two ways you can lose data:
i. Logical –

  • when you have erased the data from your desktop or mobile phones
    intentionally or unintentionally
  • formatted the hard disk 
  • due to any other reason

ii. Physical –

  • when your laptops or desktops have a had a mechanical or electrical problem – can be called human error
  • If your storage device is affected by a flood or a fire or other naturaldisasters

Data Recovery is possible

There is a common misconception among End-users that data is lost when deleted from the file folder. But in reality it exists in the drive in fragments at different places until overwritten. Data recovery is the process to retrieve this lost, corrupted, formatted, damaged or inaccessible data. There are Data Recovery Software free downloads online. But they may not be from a verified source.

You lose – We’ll find

Experts in this field like us can recover this data for you. Londonitech is a leading IT products and support company based in Winnipeg. We started off in 2016 have quickly climbed the ladder of success with a loyal clientele and a big partnership initiative selling 32000 products online. If you have lost data the logical or physical way, do not delay and come to us at the earliest. Winnipeg Data Recovery specialist work 24/7 to recover your precious data. We have 4 phases of recovery

1. Repair the hard disk or storage device

2. Image the drive to another new drive or file

3. Logical recovery of files and other procedures

4. Repairing these recovered files

Why you should choose us for Data Recovery

  • Data recovery at the best price.
  • Best data recover software for your PC used
  • High security for sensitive files
  • More than 200 file types can be recovered
  • Recovery possible even when MFT files are corrupted
  • Free estimates provided
  • Data recovery from Hard Disk, Laptops, Desktops, Pen drive, even Mobile phones, USB Flash Drives, SD Cards and SSDs including hardware from Seagate and Western digital stables
  • Lost data from Network Interfaces like PCI also restored through our Stellar Data recovery services
  • Data Recovery is faster as compared to others as repair facility is the same premises
  • Open on 7 days a week, available on major Holidays also
  • Satisfied customers – our testimonials of our quality and speed
  • Service is accessible to customers from Winnipeg and surrounding areas in Manitoba – West Saint Paul to East Saint Paul to Oak bluff and Grande Pointe
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