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Broken Screen Repair

Everything with your laptop is ok… except the Screen. And so your work has come to a grinding halt. It is not a common occurrence but plausible. Stamping on your laptop by mistake, dropping on the floor or a hard surface, elbowing, closing the laptop with a sharp object inside … Result? A broken screen! There are other problems too such as blank screen, vertical lines or bars, white color or black color with no images and other issues caused by loss of electrical connections to the screen.

A Broken screen could mean:

1. Purchasing of a new laptop burning a hole in your pocket
2. Your old one goes to the Scrap burdening the environment
3. The New one will come to you with packaging, billing, shipping etc and increasing carbon footprint

Londonitech can help

All is not lost though! Londonitech can help you out. We specialize in fixing and can repair any type laptop screen, MCA, mobile or PC for you. Our strength lies in quickly assessing and estimating the loss. Located at Winnipeg, our phenomenal growth within 2 years is attributed to our tie up with an IT supplier and also with the unwavering faith of our existing customers. Our affordable pricing can help you reuse your laptop and avoid buying a new one.

Why is third party help required?

Consider these scenarios to understand why you need an external help to fix your broken screen:
1. Scenario: In case you have the thinnest ones Mac book, MacBook Air, MacBook
Pro and the screen is broken. There are two options Apple gives you:

  • Mac care – 90 day warranty
  • Applecare protection policy where you have to pay for three years.If you are a student then you get a good discount

Both options do not cover accidental damage clause, so there is a thin chance of getting your screen fixed at Apple.
Solution: Londonitech can fix the same at a fraction of the cost that your laptopmanufacturer will charge you.

2. Scenario: In case of other delicate models of HP, Dell Toshiba, Lenova and Samsung too, accidental damage of screen has no warranty cover or, it may be very expensive
Solution: Londonitech can fix the same at a fraction of the cost that your laptop manufacturer will charge you.

3. Scenario: There are many Tutorials online detailing how to change or repair your laptop screen. The job is cumbersome and time consuming even if you are a tech person.
Solution: Experts at Londonitech will treat the problem withpatience and diligence

4. There may be other problems which is not visible to the naked eye.
Solution: Our service personnel assess and give you the estimate of loss pretty fast These are some reasons an expert look-over is mandatory. Let the specialists at Londonitech takeover your laptop. We have the wherewithal to handle any kind of laptop and return it in working conditions in a record time.

Why you should choose us

MacBook Pro Broken screen pain facility available for Toshiba, Dell, HP, Seer, Samsung and Lenovo also

  • Quality repairs
  • Affordable Delivery in record timeFree information on computer maintenance Open seven days a week Service available in and around Manitoba Experienced service personnel

  • All IT support and service solutions in one store
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