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CCTV in Winnipeg

The full form of CCTV is Closed Circuit Television.  It is a type of Private TV system used for surveillance and security. Closed circuit means transmission access is limited to those designed to see it.Now days CCTVs have became a very important part.  Reasons are many and could include deterring criminals as well as monitoring employee performance.

Our Specialty Retail Londonitech deals in CCTVs in Winnipeg and caters to small and medium business and end-users like you.  We have been in business of Specialty retail including IT product and services since 2016.  Our clientele include Banks, Advertising and communication companies, Non-profit organizations Web designers, Sports & Recreation centers, Accountants and individuals needing CCTV  for their homes.

cctv in winnipegWhat we provide

You can buy the following CCTV products from us

  1. CCTV cameras
  2. Dome CCTV Camera
  3. Bullet CCTV Camera
  4. C-Mount CCTV Camera
  5. Day/Night CCTV Camera
  6. Infrared/Night Vision camera
  7. Network/IP CCTV Camera
  8. Wireless CCTV Camera
  9. HD CCTV Camera
  10. Security DVR – in all channel combinations
  11. For recording, storing and managing videos captured by the camera.
  12. CCTV cables – to connect DVR with camera
  13. Other accessories

Why choose our Retail store

  • Most competitive price in Winnipeg
  • Free estimate
  • Fastest service facilities
  • Immediate instillation of CCTVs
  • Onsite repair facility
  • Online stores to choose from comfort of your home
  • Free diagnostics and advice from our technicians
  • Ready to help marketing personnel
  • Open seven days a week
  • Services available in and around cities in Manitoba

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