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Cellphone Repair Winnipeg: Get Your Cellphone Repaired in Winnipeg Today!

Cell phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. They are now our biggest connection to the rest of the world.

Can a day pass without using a cellphone or Mobile? Not only communication, it is used for listening to songs, browsing the Internet, Shopping, selling keeping in touch with all the family members, maintaining contacts, making and storing memories, taking notes, reminders, playing games, checking traffic alerts, notifying emergencies or natural disasters like earthquakes and more. They are renamed smart phones these days.

So, a broken screen, liquid damage, broken battery could spoil your personal as well as your professional life. But do not worry; we at Londonitech can help you restart your cellphone and day very fast.

Mobile repairs at Londonitech

Londonitech is located right in the heart of your city Winnipeg. We are the most popular IT solutions and service provides in the city since 2016. First, we diagnose the cause of malfunction and give you an estimate. Then we quickly get into action at our on-site centre to get back your cell phone into its original shape.

Types of mobile repair

Our technicians fix:

  • Broken screen/ LCD replacement – We repair/replace your screen to make it look good as new
  • Hardware malfunction – Does your mobile heat up? That means your mobile has
    a hardware issue. Our technicians work pretty fast to get your cell phone going
  • liquid damage –Whether you cell phone got drenched in rain or has had a liquid spill, we clean the parts efficiently so that it is up and going
  • Phone Unlocks – If you have accidently locked your phone, we can help unlock it.
  • Short circuit
  • Corrosion
  • Broken battery – We check the performance of your battery and replace if necessary.
  • Broken buttons – Broken buttons create irritating typos and other issues. Get a new keypad or replace the broken button at our centre in Winnipeg
  • Speaker problems – Replacements of ear speakers and main speakers can be
    made with us
  • Microphone malfunctions
  • Issues with Charging
  • Defective Camera – Sometimes your photo has cracks, lines or spots. This because the in-built camera isn’t functioning right. Get it fixed with us.
  • Clean-up – Complete cleanup is possible at our site so that your used cellphone performs better and looks just like a new one.

You can also get help for downloading the latest software in your phone from the Internet.

Phones that we fix at our outlet

The phones that we set right in record time at our outlet are
i. Samsung
Our technicians are well-equipped to fix 4, 5, 6,7 and 8 series of Samsung cell phones. They can also get your Galaxy s, Note, Galaxy Active, Mega and other phones from the Samsung stable get going.
ii. LG
The LG cellphone owners can get their HTC, Ultra and other models to us and we can get them assessed and repaired as soon as possible.
iii. Apple iPhone can also be serviced at our Winnipeg onsite center
iv. We also fix Black berries, Nokia, and Motorola cell phones here.
v. Android or Window OS we can solve any cellphone malfunction riddle for you.

Why choose our services – The reasons

  • Free estimate
  • Quality repairs
  • Open seven days a week
  • Quickest service across Winnipeg
  • Competitive rates
  • Best and qualified Technicians
  • Our Cellphone repair services can be availed in McPhilips, Pembina, St Vital
  • Our many happy and satisfied customers
  • Free information on cellphone maintenance and Internet safety
  • Complete overhaul of all kind of phone like Samsung, iPhone etc

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